Leatherwood designs is a concept to create original, individually hand made objects of carved leather and timber.

Each item(s) are a limited addition, a "one off". 

All designs are created to take advantage of the natural qualities of leather and wood, then uniquely blend them into a functional art form.

The leather is sourced from various suppliers to maintain a consistently high standard. Individual designs require different thickness of leather, these can vary between 1.5mm to 3.5mm. They are all vegetable tanned hides, ideal for carving and selective dying. All the colours (dyes) are applied with an airbrush (with the exception of some fine hand brush work).

There are a variety of timbers used, all Australian native hardwoods or pines. The individual qualities of the timbers are incorporated in specific designs. These range from strength through to the ability to be shaped and coloured also weight advantages.

All items are individually priced. Designs to suit personal preferences, incorporating design, size, shape and colour(s) are invited.

Please browse through the gallery of works, click on any image to create a larger view. Follow the links on some selected items to view a detail of the leatherwork.